Glass Slipper Communications was registered in 2007, as a boutique Public Relations consultancy, serving a diverse clientele, across a range of industries.

Today, Glass Slipper Communications continues to offer clients strategic brand communications services, including public relations, media relations, marketing communications, copywriting and social media communications.

Meet our Specialist:

Fulvia Stoltz (BA Journalism, BA Hons: Eng)

Fulvia has 15 years’ experience in the field of communication, having worked as a journalist, magazine editor, communications manager and editorial product manager. Fulvia is also a qualified online copywriter, and has developed marketing and promotional copy for digital, radio and TV campaigns.

Fulvia is a respected Public Relations practitioner, having managed the media exposure for a range of respected South African brands and businesses, including LUX Resorts & Hotels, Consol Glass, Reach For a Dream Foundation, Air Mauritius, Sirdar Group and Chartered Wealth Management, amongst others.